In Silence We Walk

“Tears, I forbid you to fall.
Stop it, you bunch of idiot salty water!
I command you to come back to my eyes.
Oh don’t even start with the sob.
There’s no more gravity to catch you,
For it’s looking for anything else but you,
don’t waste yourself for tearing out of my eyes,
Don’t! Just DON’T!”
— Stupid tears betrayed me
“As always, my lips spells a dead wishes
on the same poetry every night and day,
and you pronounced each pray until it came back to life.”
— (Zhizhi) (inspired by sierra demulder)
“I want to be needed.
I want to be indispensable to you.
I want you to crave me, to beg my name, my shadow, my whisper, my linger touch upon the sad stars every single night in you entire life.”
— I Call This As Expecting Too Much

What if i told you that i’m not good enough

even for myself to love

While i always look away

every time the girl inside the mirror stare me back

Every time i walk out of the door

I take a deep deep breath

and hold it everywhere i go

Until i finally coming back again into my own nest

Just i exhale, knowing parts of me will be shattered on the floor

So i’ll go to sleep at night

Know i should put myself together in the morning

Just to survive day to day like this

I don’t know when the last time i smell roses they put under my nose

But i keep holding the thorns,

tighter and tighter everyday

As blood is no longer satisfy me

But its pain comfort me,

Covering me better than the cold moonlight peeked behind the curtains.

Stop praising me as if i’m strong,

I am just good at pretending.

“(we keep ourselves inside two parenthesis and name it after a plant, a kite string that snapped when we were nine and eight, or a piece of the earth that has too much rain in it—we name it growing, we name it rest, we name it love—you have hands like edges of bread, i do not ever want to cut them away. i promise to not skip breakfast, or any of the meals you leave at the door when i am writing; when i am doing anything but blank and trying to feel pulses before they fade. i cannot breath any longer than ten seconds when underwater, you knew that. you knew that i listen to songs with words like submarine, backseat, shadows, hymnal, asthma, dust, then i listen to you falling asleep because it’s my favorite. i ride a bike and hurt my knees and i hug them the same way when its 2AM and i cannot fall asleep. you like your coffee with an ounce of milk, two teaspoons of hands holding, and a kiss on the temple before it gets cold and we love each other like safety, like morning dew on windows before they meet the edge and jump off. hold my hand, i say, hold mine, and we will keep each other’s exclamation points, pauses when we are too angry to apologize, and periods when we are too tired to say something else other than, i am aching. i need your fingertips.)”
Kharla M. Brillo, a series of phrases that do not belong to each other even when they all belong to you  (via pouvoires)

(via pouvoires)

“I no longer have your picture in my pocket, but ten thousands poetry that i wrote with your shadow in it should be more than enough.”
— No Need Picture
“I am nothing more or less than an animal. I have teeth, claws, & a strong will for freedom, a longing inside to run wild to the far reaches of this planet & if you cage me, I will turn on you. I will bite.”
Moriah Pearson, words of warning (via mooneyedandglowing)

(via pouvoires)

“I never beg someone to stay before,
And I swear I never will,
I have too much pride to kneel on the floor with tears all over,
Beg for those who doesn’t want to stay,
I don’t want to insist watering a flower on bad soil that refused to grow,
For I know better it would spreading poison instead of love.
I won’t be as pathetic as my mother,
So if you want to leave, just leave,
I will stare with my own pride,
I will stand tall and pretend not to hear the sound of a heart breaking,
I probably will help you to pack,
Just to show you I really am that strong,
But please don’t stay with one shoe outside the door while the other one stays.”
— Don’t Stay (z.s)

If you found my dead body today,
It is probably because I cried while driving again,
It happens every time I remembering us, Not you and me,
But the other us,
The one who still believe in romance,
And steal kisses when nobody see,
Humming about love songs that we’re too tired to sing.

If you found my dead body tonight,
It’s probably because I’m drowning myself over tears again,
And I am sorry for all the scattered mirrors that has spreading around the bathtub,
It’s just I hate the girl inside it so much,
The one who forgot how to love in the right way,
And forgot her way back home to you.

— z.s
“I have grown so used to
 your absence that whenever 
I see you I convince myself 
that it’s just a figment 
of my imagination.”
— Small conversations, #30 (via mostlyfiction)

(via themostawesomebitch)