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Book Review: If I Stay

People keep comparing this book with The Lovely Bones, a book that I can still remember even years after I read that, so I decided to read this one too.
I guess I put too much expectation due to the fact that this book will turn into a movie and everything. It doesn’t inspire me, it doesn’t fill me with questions like The Day I Die or The Lovely Bones. The writer seems to throw me memories and expect me to understand why the girl decided to stay just because her high school sweetheart desperately wants her to (it doesn’t make any sense to me that boy & girl kind of love could be your only reason to live, even after knowing that your whole family already died).
Or maybe I’m just immune to love story now.
I’ll give this book 3 out of 10. I’m deeply sorry. I have read it line by line, from cover to cover, but there’s nothing new or exciting.

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Thought via Path

Mentari terbit sekali lagi untuk Indonesia baru. Kali ini coba lupakan masa lalu yang kalah dan segala keputusan yang salah. Dirgahayu Indonesia, semoga tak perlu ada lagi petani yang mati kelaparan di lumbung padi ini. – Read on Path.

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Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

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